Our Spring Main x Herd Window

To celebrate the launch of our Spring 2022 main collection in our stores, we’ve teamed up with London based visual stylist, Bradley Taylor. Taylor and his team have created a dynamic set, taking inspiration from the collection; using a custom frame with multicoloured yarns stretched across, the design is the perfect back drop for the new collection. 
To being this concept to life we turned to HERD, a luxury British knitwear and yarn specialist. 
HERD create utility and desire in an undervalued, biodegradable natural resource while rewarding those and that which sustain then. 
HERD's Story
In the midst of fashion’s deeply intrenched exploitive and polluting supply chains reliant on third world poverty and fossil fuels, and inspired by the Fibreshed movement, they saw a chance. 
Drawing on the cultural and economic heritage of the United Kingdom and climate and geographical specificity of the Northern Uplands they re-created the hyper-local wool supply chain Fromm field to fibre of centuries before globalisation. They have engineered their products to be fully circular, to create no harmful waste and live no trace by taking all toxic chemicals out of the process. Inspired by grassroots farming movements and the potential for sequestering carbon we are aligned with the regenerative farming movement, with the eventual goal of proving climate beneficial clothing is possible.
HERD is formed at the convergence of these threads, for the benefit of the people, animals and soil we work with.