Meet the Maker | Indigo Lewin


We sat down with photographer and our Autumn Winter 2019 campaign star, Indigo Lewin. Known for her irreverent and youthful style, Indigo captured our iconic Fringe Carnival Bag on a day out in London

How do you begin a new piece of work?


I begin a piece with one idea and it usually ends up being a manifestation of a completely different idea.


Tell us about the work you created for J&M Davidson and how your creative process worked?

I've been shooting all over London, I suppose my take on a still life is finding homes for the pieces outside of a closet.


Who has the biggest impact on your career?

I couldn't pick just one!


What's your favourite thing about being a Londoner? 

The vastness of London, you can immerse yourself in a new neighbourhood and feel as if you are in a different city. Sometimes it feels endless.