Meet the Maker | Harriet Verney & Tish Weinstock

Tish Weinstock and Harriet Verney are pushing the boundaries of creative thinking. Harriet, who recently founded mega-content agency 'Push Button Generation', was formerly the editor of LOVE magazine, while Tish is an editor of Vogue International and has built up a reputation for finding and championing the next big thing. The pair star in our Spring Summer 2021 campaign, which was shot at Tish's house in Wiltshire by their close friend and fellow creative Indigo Lewin. 
Describe where you are right now. 
Harriet Verney: On my sofa, the party end. I moved from the business end about an hour ago when I finished work. I'm drinking a putrid mint tea and waiting for dinner to be ready. 
Tish Weinstock: I am sitting on my bed, answering these questions on my laptop with one of those bed/laptop trays. A bottle of sparkling water is beside me and my phone is on charge. 
What are you working on? What is your workspace like? 
HV: My workspace is a Heals velvet blue sofa, 4-seater with a tartan blue throw over the back. Aside from having to pull the sofa forward to plug in my laptop, it's a very top notch, swish office. 
TW: I weirdly get more creative when helping other people with their own projects. When I'm doing my writing I need silence as I'm easily distracted. No baby, no music, nothing. 
How do you get into the creative zone? 
HV: God knows. 
When do you know something is finished? 
HV: When I've pushed the deadline as much as I possibly can. 
TW: After I've said something vaguely positive about the future and just before it starts to get cheesy. Sometimes I end on someone else's quote to take the focus off my own people-pleasing views. I'm a libra. 
Who or what has had the most influence on your career? 
HV: Wine and cigarettes. We've been through a lot together. 
TW: The misguided notion that working at a magazine is glamourous. It's not. 
What was it like being shot for the J&M Davidson campaign by a friend? Were there any highlights / best moments of the shoot? 
HV: It was just floor-to-ceiling laughs! 
TW: It felt really nice and relaxed. No need to break the ice or awkward moment. We shot at our house in Wiltshire where we'd been in lockdown so it was nice to see it filled with people for a change. We had everyone to stay the night before too which was very lol. 
What does craftsmanship mean to you? 
HV: Quality. 
TW: It conjures up ideas of something being handmade, of intrinsic talent, of heritage and practices that are passed down through generations. 
What's your favourite piece in the collection and how would you wear it? 
HV: The Shirt with Broderie Anglaise, which I've ordered and love. 
TW: I loved all the bags and this trench that Harriet was wearing in the pictures, which I was jealous of. I would wear that to go to get a coffee as that's the only place we're allowed right now.