Meet the Maker | Ed Curtis

For this months Meet the Maker, we visited the British artist and print-maker, Ed Curtis - the talent behind the prints of the J&M Davidson Spring Summer 2020 collection. 


JMD: Where do you find inspiration? 

EC: I never usually look for inspiration, but knowing that I have an opportunity to create something I haven't done before gives me enough inspiration. 


JMD: How long have you been doing what you do?

EC: Three years dreaming about it, three years studying, five years training and one year putting everything into practice. 


JMD: How do you begin a new piece of work? 

EC: In terms of designing a print, I try to assimilate everything I've been faced with, whether its images or conversations I've had and react to it in a way that feels right for the brand, season and customer, trying to strike a good balance. Once I've consumed all the information I'll react by painting or printing some ideas until something feels right. Gut instinct plays a big part.


JMD: Describe your studio? What does it look like? Where is it? What is in there? Do you work solo? How often are you there? 

EC: My studio is in Peckham, it's very raw with no windows so I surround myself with inspiration to compensate for the lack of light. I share with two other artists. I'm usually there five days a week and sometimes weekends.


JMD: The medium or the message: what’s more important to you? 

EC: I prefer to use painting and printing as a medium for creation and let that influence the message.