Meet the Maker | Andrea Allen

For the Spring Summer 2020 season, we collaborated with revered English landscape painter, Andrea Allen on a capsule collection of bags and accessories. We visited the artist at her home in Somerset to learn more about her love for landscapes, and take a peak inside her coveted studio. 

Artist Andrea Allen met J&M Davidson’s creative director Katie Hillier as a neighbour in the village of Great Tew in Oxfordshire. The two became friends, sharing walks and inspirations. The collaboration sees Allen’s love for colourful, textural artwork sitting on a selection of our best selling bags and accessories. Elements from Allen’s paintings are brought to life on leather and canvas, and inspiration has also been taken from her painterly overalls and paint splashed palette.

Andrea Allen

JMD: What do you enjoy about working with colour? 


AA: Colour is central to all the artworks I make whether its collage or an oil painting - I particularly love working with oils because the potential to mix new shades and tones of colour is infinite and it creates such beautiful texture.I find mixing colour is completely instinctive and that it does convey emotion - my most recent oil paintings are abundant in warm jubilant tones that celebrate Spring and new beginnings - a positive sentiment in uncertain times.

Andrea Allen Mixing Colour

JMD: Describe your workspace, as it stands in this moment? 


AA: I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful place to work. I’m surrounded by materials, drawings, paintings, collages - the pottery and interesting objects I’ve collected over the years and prints of my favourite artists, all a constant source of inspiration and a precious space where I can be me.

Andrea Allen Studio Workspace

JMD: Where did the inspiration for the collaboration come from? 


AA: The collaboration between J and M Davidson and myself was inspired by my paintings, one of which entitled ‘Blue Sky Thinking’, became the main inspiration for the collection. We took elements of the piece for the printed bags and I carved animals and birds for the charms - the creative team particularly loved my signature so that became part of the story along with the process of making my work and the space in which its created. The collaboration with J & M Davidson has given me an opportunity to acknowledge how the narrative, colour and unique style of my work translates so successfully to design. I hope to embark on similar projects in the future as this whole experience has been so inspiring.

J&M Davidson and Andrea Allen
J&M Davidson and Andrea Allen

JMD:Who, or what has had the biggest impact on your career? 


AA: I have a story to tell youabout my love of landscape, nature and my experience of it - told in a way that conveys all the things that inspire me. 

J&M Davidson and Andrea Allen