London Craft Week: Meet the Artist

JMD: Describe the space where you work, and what surrounds and inspires you? 
TD: My studio is located in Clements Yard, in South London where I am surrounded by other designers and artist's studios. I am very privileged to be part of this community. My space is very colourful, as my works are, and apart from books, materials, and tools I also surround myself with friends' work. 
JMD: How do you know when something is finished? 
TD: It is a hard one to answer. In terms of finishing touches, I always have the drive to go on and on. In terms of design itself - I just know, the object speaks for. itself it that makes any sense... 
JMD: Do you keep a sketchbook or do you prefer to start your designs and ideas elsewhere? 
TD: I do keep a sketchbook and I sketch all the time. 
JMD: Do you have any particular techniques that you have developed that shape your work? 
TD: I don't think so. The techniques or mediums I use are driven by my visual language. That said, in return, the technique I am using (whether it is tufting, printing or appliqué) will inform the visual language. 
JMD: With your sculptural work, where does the inspiration come from? 
TD: Everything could be a source of inspiration and my eyes are always wide open but mostly, it is the work itself that inspire more work. it is a cyclical process - the more I work the more ideas I have. 
JMD:  Do you have any particular shapes and colours that you find yourself coming back to? 
TD: Rich saturated colours. Right now I am fascinated by different forms of containers. 
JMD: What do you hope people will feel when they see your work in the store? 
TD: Curious. Amused. Intrigued and happy.