Inspiration in Isolation | Katie Greenwood

Introducing 'Inspiration in Isolation', a new series. We kick off with designer Katie Greenwood, who has shared some pieces that are feeding her creativeness during lockdown.



'During Isolation in the North (of England) I find myself wandering in wilder landscapes familiar from my childhood. This brings back memories of one of the first artists whose work I became familiar with - search for traces and symbols of human manipulation in remote locations, abandoned to morph and decay back into the landscape from which they were created. Goldsworth works within nature creating pieces exploring ephemerality, permanence and change.' 


Tracksuit by CELIA PYM


'As we find we have more time on our hands and less ability to access the shiny and the new, the work of Celia Pym feels relevant and inspirational. Finding beauty int eh stories of objects and their day to day wear and tear, and celebrating the slow and nurturing process of repairing a well loved posession by hand, Pym uses visible mending to permanently mark the scars and histories of each garment. 


For anyone wanting to try this at home the book Darning: Repair Make Men by Hikaru Noguchi is availble in English and Japanese versions and explores the work of Pym and other visible menders, whilst illustrating simple techniques for getting started.'




'Another celebration of resourcefulness, improvisation and reimagination of your immediate surrounding can be found in the work of Judy Blame, the British stylist and designer famous for his use of found objects. Blame transformed the mundane and the everyday into high fashion pieces, works of art and powerful imagery, imbuing value into the cheapest or most throwaway of household items.'