Meet the Maker | Jess Maybury

Jess Maybury is a true renaissance woman. When she's not busy modelling our Autumn Winter 2021 collection, she is also a collector and curator of antiques and textiles online, under the handle @hogletshop. She's also a photographer (she studied illustration) and has been a source of inspiration for many. 
JMD: What have you been doing today? 
JM: I had a BBQ with two girlfriends and had a good gossip and giggle. 
JMD: Describe the space where you work? 
JM: I work mostly from my front room and on my phone making new orders of quilts from Pakistan. It's basically one big dusty room. 
JMD: Do you have any daily rituals?
JM: Just having a shower and putting on a glam outfit. 
JMD: Tell us about the J&M Davidson shoot? Were there any memorable moments? 
JM: It' was gorge, on a very cold wintery day. It was interesting to see how people decorate their houses! 
JMD: What was your favourite piece to wear from the campaign shoot and why? 
JM: I loved all the knitwear and the check two-piece with trousers. I love the sensation of such good quality fabrics. 
JMD: What's a good piece of advice for a hot summer's day?
JM: Wear comfy shoes on your trotters because no one wants swollen feet. 
JMD: What is something in your wardrobe that you will keep forever? 
JM: My vintage Gaultier collection, there are several piece that I can never part with. 
JMD: Who is your most stylish friend and why?
JM: My sister (the writer and dominatrix Reba) because she always looks like a glamazon.