About Us

What started as a chance encounter on a Spanish beach, not only led to a romantic partnership, but one that would lead to the creation of a brand that has stood for effortless, timeless, crafted design for over thirty years. Mixing Monique’s inherently French eye for subtle sophistication with John’s understanding of English eclecticism, the duo have created a brand whose accessories and ready to wear items are the epitome of understated luxury. With a clear vision that the J&M Davidson woman is confident, independent, a woman of substance who wants to be herself, the duo enriched their understanding of design with their love of travel and art.
Pioneers of sustainable source material and design techniques, J&M Davidson have focused on craftsmanship since day one, finding artisans in the UK and across Europe to give their products a luxurious hand-made quality. Holding this belief at their heart, the brand has built a legacy of refinement through design, and it has lead to many collaborations with artists of different genres over the years.
From this year, designs will be overseen by the new London based head of design duo, who will focus individually on ready to wear and accessories, creating luxurious pieces for the modern working woman. Designed with longevity in mind, each piece takes into account the practicalities required for modern life, yet maintains the original tenet of John and Monique, creating a brand that is sophisticated and timeless. Current collections become energised with playful twists and a simple, utilitarian aesthetic that reflects the new design team’s updated visual language of simple, modern elegance.