Metropolis Blue

Metropolis Blue

SS2018 Capsule Collection

Angie introduces three new handbag styles including Oddity, Lazarus and Jeepster – each crafted with the counterculture in mind and perfect for any modern day ‘rebel woman’ who needs a bold bag to bring a bit of the underground sprit into her look. The collection is crafted in calf hair and tactile leathers in a palette of deep moody hues and bold metallics which bring back nostalgic memories of The Ladbroke Grove Scene. The classic Carnival bag has also been reimagined in the collection’s colourways for a dynamic play on the classic silhouette.


With its sense of luxurious rebellion, the collection is the perfect antithesis to the routine of the everyday and a celebration of the brand’s eccentric birthplace.

  1. Small Belle
    Small Belle
    Denim & Calf Leather
  1. Iris Clutch
    Iris Clutch
    Denim & Calf Leather
  1. Mini Joy with Studs
    Mini Joy with Studs
    Denim & Calf Leather
  1. Gabby
    Denim & Calf Leather
  1. Mini Mia
    Mini Mia
    Denim & Calf Leather

The Denim

The denim is paired with a tonal navy leather trim, which lends a softer touch, as if to reconcile the harshness of the city with its human inhabitants. The tone on tone approach is distinctly J&M Davidson – a humble workwear-hero material is set in an elegant, luxurious frame.


Crafted in high-quality Japanese twill cotton, which is non-transferable onto other garments when worn and resistant to fading, the Metropolis Blue collection provides a durable uniform and a link between the wearer and the city.

  1. Micro Belle
    Micro Belle
    Denim & Calf Leather
  1. Pouch Bag With Studs
    Pouch Bag With Studs
    Denim & Calf Leather
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