The Winter State of Mind


It's the season of cool crisp breeze, when the sharp gusts catch your hair and coattails. Winter is when everything is in motion, from bundled up people that pass you by to the cars and bikes whipping down the road.


There's no time to linger before the cold bites, packing up the essentials at a moment's notice is key. Outerwear might be oversized, but keep the bag compact – easy to grab and go when needed.


Structured leather contrasts the billows of jumpers and flowing coats, once warmly ensconced tuck the Eleanor into the crook of an arm.


For extra space, wear the Olivia tote bag with enough room for a paperback. For those days when there's less to carry, take the Lottie, with a streamlined shape and a detachable shoulder strap that can wrap elegantly around the wrist.

Photographer Bruno Ossif
Model Maude Van Dievoet

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