Retro Summer
Chairs wait to be taken out onto the lawn, and the faint old vanilla scent of wallpaper, warmed by the sun, drifts through the room.


We long for the summer through the hazy lens of a dream – one that's tinted with shades of brown, yellow and blue. 


Rays filter through half-drawn curtains, the smell of fresh mint and the taste of the iced tea are palatable in the air. The house party is over and the Aime bag is left behind with an army of the abandoned empty glasses.


The mid-century curves, wood-veneered drawer of a side table and brown grid-pattern of an easy chair breathe the nostalgia of the summer visits to the grandmother’s house. 


The chapter is finished, the book is placed down and the carry-all Belle is at the ready, promising all the possibility of a late afternoon family picnic.  


Photographer Marc Hibbert
Set Design Samuel Pidgen

© J&M Davidson All rights reserved