The Artists Capsule | Mimi Wade
We have long looked to our wide network of artist friends to work with creatively and collaboratively, and our Artists Capsule project is no different. We have invited four artists, close friends of the brand, to customise a bag using their preferred medium. Each bag is limited edition and is available to bid on from today. All proceeds will go to the NHS to continue to support our healthcare workers.

British American fashion designer Mimi Wade has used fashion as a way of transcending the banal and  exploring fantasy through the use of kitsch references, colour and texture.

Hand painted, kitsch cherries adorn Wade’s bag. Referencing a pop aesthetic, their pinks and yellows standing out from the pale gray leather background of the Pebble bag.

j&m davidson

JMD: How do you decide what you want to paint? 

MW: I've always loved cherries, it's something I've used in my work before that was very popular! I wanted this bag to sell and make lots of money for the NHS so I chose to paint cherries because they're always desirable. 

j&m davidson

JMD: What is your working process like? 

MW: I watch films, read books, make sketchbooks, draw and take photos! That's where I formulate my ideas. 

j&m davidson

JMD: When did you realise you were a creative person? 

MW: From an extremely young age I was never without paper and pens, crayons, paint. It's always been a huge part of me. 

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